TERA Mystics Skills and Abilities

Below you’ll find an introduction to TERA Mystic Skills and Abilities.

Any MMORPG isn’t complete much less exciting without the variety of characters to choose from. Most hardcore MMORPG players get magnetized by the fact that there are multiple characters that they can play as and that each character or avatar has unique skills and abilities.

One game that offers this feature is TERA Online. The game is a soon to be released and highly awaited for MMORPG developed by the teamwork of Bluehole Studios, En Masse Entertainment and Frogster Interactive Pictures. The game’s story line is plain and simple but definitely not boring – the world is threatened to be overruled by titans, formidable monsters and creatures from the underworld, and it is tasked on players to stand and guard the world from being ruled by these evil forces.

One character class that is a crowd favorite in TERA Online classes is Mystics – formerly known as Elementalist, has the power to summon spirits and control elements to help them and their allies during battles. The TERA Mystic class is characterized by their strength and wisdom in controlling the spirits and channeling spells that aid their allies and vanquish evil. Playing as a Mystic, you’ll find the class to be intriguing considering their unique approach to battling. Mystics use their powers and skills to drain and absorb their enemy’s health and mana so that it becomes easier to kill and inflict damage to them and their allies. If you’re looking for a guide to the TERA Mystic class, look no further as we spill out the skills and powers that are possessed by these avatars in this complete and comprehensive TERA guide.

Mana Boost. The skill is aimed in regenerating the character’s mana. It is quite useful since it allows your character to cast spells and skills continuously since it doesn’t deplete the mana and doesn’t require downtime. When the Mystic is hit or damaged while casting the skill, the effects of Mana Boost is concurrently canceled.

Elemental Shot. The skill hits a single target and is usually cast as a starting skill. As you upgrade the skill at level 4 and 8, it becomes a customary starting skill for damaging single targets.

Essence Leech. Our TERA Mystic guide has identified this skill to be a very distinct type of skill. It is classified as an AoE or Area of Effect power that is amassed when the Mystic turns level 4. It is quite useful for team battles and hunts. The skill consumes health points from the surrounding targets within the scope of the skill and after multiple uses, the spell will return mana to the Mystic class rather than consume the health points.

If you wish to know more about the class or about the game, you can check out another TERA Mystic class to learn and master how to use the skills in sync with each other in such a way that the combos prove to be maximally effective.

Cast Your Way To The Top Using TERA Mystic

Please note that this is a preliminary guide to TERA Mystic.

The TERA Mystic is a great class for those that enjoy playing spellcasters, but if you listen to the wisdom of any TERA Mystic guide you’re going to have to work your way up to the bigger fights because in the early levels you are squishy and an easy meal for many enemies. Of course, once you survive to higher levels, the Mystic class is a heinous dealer of damage that can destroy armies with nothing more than a wave of a hand.

At earlier levels the TERA Mystic class should try to do as much from a distance as possible, and work within a group for any major challenges. When you only have a small amount of spells and a limited amount of mana to cast them with, you need to be able to stand behind a party that’s protecting you so that you can use downtime to recoup your power and so that you aren’t getting rushed from further away. This does mean that you’ll have to share in the experience, but for the TERA Mystic it is best to live and get some experience than to die and get none.

According to the TERA Mystic guide what you want to do as your character advances is pick up more spells and to choose the ones you have carefully. On the one hand you could be passingly good at all spells, which gives the Mystic a fair shot at always having something on hand, but the true power of the Mystic class is best unlocked when specialized in a given field, taking a smaller number of spells all the way to their maximum potential. The TERA Mystic guide lists a number of high damage and healing spells, and depending on what you want to do as a character depends on what sort of magic you should specialize in.

While it might seem far-reaching, it is always best to specialize in what you want to do with your character at an early level. If you want to create a Mystic that specializes in creating waves of damaging energy that destroys the enemy in a single blow, you should specialize in area of effect spells. On the other hand if you want to specialize in spells that damage a single opponent, then that is also an option. Think through your options before you start leveling your character.